Indian Railways plans to modernise 1,000 small stations under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme


The railway will upgrade 1,000 small but important stations under the new ‘Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’. Apart from ambitious plans to renew 200 main train stations as part of another redevelopment programme. Officials said small stations are identified not only by their rhythms, but also by the cities they serve. “The aim is to identify cities that may be in the process of development, envisioning railway stations as the center of the city. The plan is to map everything related to it, such as bridges and other means of transport. “The idea is to start a cost-effective modernization of the railway station. If necessary, the departmental railway manager (DRM) will gradually carry out the modernization work,” the official said.

This is also provided with special funding along with DRM. According to the plan, it aims to create a master plan for the station and implement step-by-step improvements to the facilities, including the minimum necessary amenities, and aims to create a rooftop plaza and urban center at the station. “This program aims to relocate redundant/older buildings in a cost-effective manner to free up space for priority passenger-related activities and facilitate future development.“ Unless it is necessary to relocate an old building, relocate a structure to improve circulation, or provide a structure to improve the size of a bus shelter, construction of a new building will It should generally be avoided. Decisions about this are made by the DRM,” says the regulatory document. “Landscapes, green spaces and elements of local arts and culture should be used to provide an enjoyable experience for station users. This should be done with the help of appropriate professionals,” the document said.The station also requires a second entrance station building and a 600 m long elevated platform.

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