Indian Students are going to Abroad, more than 30 lakhs Past Five Years


The number of Indian students going abroad for higher education has risen significantly. According to data from the education ministry, 750,365 students went abroad in 2022, an increase of 68% compared to 444,553 students in 2021. In the past five years, over 30 lakh Indians went abroad for higher studies. The education minister was asked if the money spent by Indian students abroad is greater than the country’s education budget and if the government has any plans to establish an international university to save these funds. The minister replied that there is currently no proposal to set up such a university.

“The draft University Grants Commission (Setting up and Operation of Campuses of Foreign Higher Educational Institutions In India) Regulations, 2023 was placed in the public domain seeking feedback, suggestions, comments, etc from all stakeholders by January 18, 2023. However, in view of the requests received from stakeholders, the last date for receiving comments on the draft Regulations has been extended till February 20,” he said.

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed regret about Indians going to other countries for education. He stated that India should have been able to attract students from all over the world instead of its own youth having to leave the country for their education.

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