Indian workers demanding more flexibility in working lives: Report


A significant proportion of workers want more flexible working arrangements and are willing to compromise to get it, according to the report. According to ADP Research Institute’s People at Work 2022:In the Global Workforce View, which surveyed nearly 33,000 workers in 17 countries, more than 7 in 10 want more flexibility in how they organize their work hours. In India, 76.07% of her workers want to control their working hours, adding that salaries will be cut to allow for flexibility in remote work and the opportunity to switch between home and office. According to the report, about 76.38% of Indian workers said they would look for a new job if asked to return to full-time work.

“Today, employees need innovative ways to replace the traditional 9 to 5 to keep them happy at work.“ As employees face immense pressure during the pandemic and have proven to be an important asset through their continued performance, we are keen to give them more flexibility in managing their work-life. It’s worth considering,” he said. Goyal added that not too long ago, ideas such as introducing a flextime system and allowing employees to change their working hours to his four days would have been laughed at. “But for now, they deserve serious consideration in terms of retaining and attracting top talent.” Home office employees are also having more discussions with employers about professional development. About 73% also report that HomeHe feels recognized and adequately valued in his office, and 74% report that employers are open to discussing the need for further training and education. .

When it comes to mental health at work, 56% of employees say they feel supported by their manager even when working from home. Adopt human capital management tools and platforms that provide insight into human capital management data to facilitate decision-making, build a more connected internal culture, and increase trust and loyalty between employers and employees can increase, says the report.

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