India’s first private satellite vehicle set for launch


India’s first privately developed rocket is scheduled to make its maiden flight from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launch pad in Sriharikota from November 12-16. Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace’s mission is called ‘Prarambh’ (beginning). The rocket, named ‘Vikram‘, will carry the payloads of two Indian customers and his one foreign customer.

The authorities have announced a launch period of November 12-16, with a final date to be confirmed based on weather conditions,” said Pawan Kumar Chandana, CEO and co-founder of Skyroot Aerospace. says.The successful launch of Vikram will be a major step forward for India’s space exploration sector. In fact, Skyroot claims on its website.Prarambh will see Vikram-S carry three customer satellites on an out-of-orbit flight. Suborbital flight, like that done by Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, is slower than orbital velocity — fast enough to reach space, but not fast enough to stay in orbit around the Earth.“The Vikram-S rocket is a single-stage suborbital rocket carrying three customer payloads and will help test and validate the technology of the Vikram series of rockets.

According to Skyroot, “It is estimated that over 20,000 small satellites will be launched over the next decade, and the Vikram series aims to make this possible with unprecedented mass productivity and affordability state-of-the-art technology architecture offers unique capabilities such as multi-orbital insertion, interplanetary missions, etc. At the same time, customized and dedicated rideshare options are offered to cover a wide range of small satellite customer requirements.

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