India’s Solar Import Plans


The Indian government is focused on two key priorities: promoting domestic manufacturing through the Make in India initiative, and increasing renewable energy generation, with a goal to generate 50% of energy from renewables by 2030. To support local solar cell manufacturers, the government has allocated Rs 19,500 crore.

However, due to high demand and a lack of domestic production capacity, the government is considering lifting restrictions on the import of solar modules, which may negatively impact local manufacturers and erode trust in government policies. India plans to expand its solar power generation capacity from 64 gigawatts to 280 gigawatts by 2030, with an annual addition of 27 gigawatts.

To support this, the government is exploring free trade agreements with ASEAN nations, which could supply modules for 15 gigawatts annually. In addition, the government will blacklist companies that have caused delays in completing renewable energy projects, including solar power plants.

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