iPhone black market booming in the city


Second hand iPhones are coming from America illegally. They are selling them at exorbitant prices in Kolkata market without any documents. This whole business is illegal. Unscrupulous people are running the business of second hand iPhones in a regular basis. The customs office is concerned about this. They have been active to stop the business of these expensive mobile phones that come illegally. Search has started in different places.
A few days ago, the customs department confiscated 80 iPhones from the port area. It can be seen that all the mobiles are second hand. Their opening has been slightly changed. The investigation revealed that they had a plan to sell each phone for 25-30 thousand rupees. After investigation, the customs officers came to know that there is a huge demand for second hand i-phones in Kolkata. Mainly the children of the younger generation are more inclined towards it. This business is flourishing in the port area. Not one, but multiple people involved in this transaction. A syndicate has been formed. They are bringing this mobile phone from abroad. According to Customs officials, buying and selling second hand mobile phones without valid documents is completely illegal. The law provides for heavy fines if caught. This business is being run completely illegally. The government of India is losing a large amount of revenue due to this illegal trade.
Customs officers are aware that these phones are mainly coming from America. Also, second hand iPhones are coming to India from various European countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore. Most of the citizens there are used to using latest models of iPhone. They replace the old set as soon as the new model comes in the market. These old phones are being sold again. They are passing through different hands in Dubai. Each step involves financial transactions. Then it goes to different countries through courier from Dubai. Again, the people involved in this business are bringing this phone from America or other countries through courier. Many people in this country are in contact with Middle East businessmen. Various individuals from North and South India including this state are involved in this business. Those who buy second hand iPhone and sell it secretly in this country. Courier showing ‘miss declared’ item and sending it to India. Second hand mobile phone smugglers are picking up these parcels from courier companies. Businessmen involved in this business often send their own people to Dubai and bring them. After bringing here, the opening of that phone was changed. The phone is locked in a new case. At first glance, they look like new phones. These iPhones are being sold for 25 to 30 thousand rupees each.
According to the information of the customs department, this smuggling business is going on in a completely organized manner. Officers have identified who is involved in this business in the state. Along with this, monitoring of various courier companies has also started. The officers of the customs office are keeping a close eye on all the packages that are coming through couriers in Dubai, America or European countries in particular

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