IPL turns into Decacorn as its valuation jumps to $10.9 Billion: Report


Formed in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL), the world’s most popular and richest cricket league, has turned into a Decaron worth $10.9 billion, according to D and P Advisory estimates. According to D and P Advisory’s “Beyond 22 Yards” – IPL Valuation Report 2022, franchisees and investors will likely focus more on return on investment as IPLs move into a more mature and stable stage. A central pool definitely helps, coupled with the team’s ability to generate higher team sponsorship income.

For the first time in IPL history, media rights were divided among multiple channels, breaking company monopolies. The media rights auction was expected to slow down due to reported declines in viewership and Amazon’s last-minute exit, but the event was a success. At $6.2 billion IPL marked his triple jump from what the Walt Disney Star paid him in 2017 in his previous five-year cycle. Media rights aside, an increase in game count from 74 to 94 in the next cycle, newly signed league-level sponsorship deals, increased ticket sales and stadium revenues will also increase the value of the IPL ecosystem. contributed to IPL 2022 only did his IPL ecosystem evaluation for the current edition as he has two new teams added and limited history in the game.

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