A Kolkata High Court judge ruled Thursday that the West Bengal School Services Commission (WBSSC) should be dissolved if it cannot fire unfairly hired teachers.Judge Biswajit Basu of the same court said he heard a petition from the WBSSC to review an earlier order by Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay ordering the immediate dismissal of illegally and unethically appointed teachers. I have expressed this view at times.

The commission claimed that the teacher in question had been in the service for more than three years and that no criminal charges had been filed.She therefore asked the court for permission to make a new appointment, but maintained the services of the teacher in question.Judge Basu found her illegal appointment unacceptable at all costs and she asked the commission to give her a replacement position, but not as a teacher.“If they continue to be teachers, their future will depend on them. They cannot continue to be teachers,” she said. They can offer alternative dates,” he said.

However, the commission’s attorney, Suthanu Patra, told the court that it was not possible to appoint these teachers to other departments because there is no relationship between the WBSSC and the state government.The retrial is November 18th.On September 29, Judge Basu expressed solidarity with Judge Gangopadhyay, stating:“I want to join Justice Gangopadhyay in fighting corruption. In the coming days, students will be questioning the qualifications and credibility of their teachers. I have.”On Wednesday, Judge Gangopadhyay ordered the Central Investigation Agency’s SIT to be refurbished to investigate fraudulent hiring of teachers.

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