Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: Congress Chooses Siddaramaiah to be CM & DK Shivakumar to be the Deputy CM


Ending the 5 day suspense, Congress announced Siddaramaiah as the Chief Minister of Karnataka and D K Shivakumar as the Deputy CM, swearing in ceremony on May 20th

Almost a week after the Congress soared to victory in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023, the suspense is clear. After various debates and heated discussions about the choice of the Chief Minister, the name is out. It is to be noted that both candidates of the Congress party Siddaramaiah and D. K. Shivakumar were in New Delhi the last couple of days as the Congress held meetings to decide upon the Chief Minister after their victory.

On Thursday, the Congress announced Siddaramaiah as the next Chief Minister of Karnataka and D K Shivakumar as the only Deputy Chief Minister. This is a controversial topic on all social media as both leaders had a close fight in the race for the CM even after a massive victory in Karnataka. They will be sworn in their respective posts on May 20th along with the other leaders of the cabinet. The party has also sent invites to the maximum number of opposition parties.

When asked upon the selection of the CM, Congress General Secretary Venugopal claimed that their party is a democratic one and “We believe in consensus, not dictatorship”.

While both campaigned impressively before the elections, DK Shivakumar, the Deputy CM, expressed gratitude and agreed to the compromise. He is doing so “in the larger interest of the party” and their “responsibility and commitment” towards the people of Karnataka. Now, he will be the Deputy CM of Karnataka while continuing his post as State Party Chief.

With the Lok Sabha 2024 Elections in just a year, the Karnataka Elections in 2023 were key in determining the domination of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in South India.

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