Kim’s daughter holding father’s hand in public for the first time


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was seen with his daughter for the first time.The official Korean Central News Agency published a photo on Friday. It shows Kim holding daughter Zooey’s hand at a missile base. North Koreans have never seen the Kim-daughter in public before. This is the case, because of the series of missile tests, the atmosphere of conflict between North Korea, South Korea, Japan and America has been created for the last two months. In this situation, Kim came out for the first time with his 13-year-old daughter. Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported Zoo’s birth in 2013. But he was never seen in public before Friday. North Korea even officially announced it a few days after Kim’s wedding. Since 2011, a woman has been seen occasionally alongside the North Korean dictator. After that, it is known that he is Ri Sol-joo. Kim’s wife A few days later, some Western media claimed that the Kim couple had a child in 2010. Although he has not been seen in public yet. Similarly, in 2017, the ‘news’ of Kim having a son was circulated, but its truth is not yet known. According to sources, Kim has two daughters and a son.

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