Kolkata High Court overturns death sentence verdict on Lashkar militant


10 years imprisonment, along with a fine of 25 thousand rupees. The High Court rejected the death sentence order of Lashkar militant! The court ordered to send his two Pakistani companions back to the country.Sheikh Abdul Naim, Mohammad Younis, Sheikh Billal were caught while crossing the border from Bangladesh in 2007. With one more. Not only fake identity cards and licenses, explosives were also recovered from Naim’s flat in Kolkata! After that, CID started investigating the case. Investigators claim that Naim and his companions are members of the militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. Bangaon court sentenced Sheikh Abdul Naim to death in 2018.In May this year, the convicted accused approached the Kolkata High Court challenging that order. Not only that, he himself questioned the court on the charge of death sentence in a false case. Naim was brought to Kolkata under tight security from Delhi Tihar Jail. He was in the city during the hearing of the case. Earlier, Naim escaped from jail while the case was being heard in Bangaon court. After being caught in Delhi, he was kept in Tihar Jail. A case is pending under UAPA section.

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