Kolkata Increases Littering Penalty


The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to increase the penalty for littering on the streets of the city by 100 times in an effort to keep the city cleaner. The decision was made during a monthly conference and approved by KMC Mayor Firhad Hakim.

The current penalty for littering was only Rs 50 and was not being implemented effectively. This has led to reluctance among some citizens to follow garbage discipline, despite the installation of garbage drums throughout the city. The new penalty will be Rs 5,000, and the KMC will be strict in enforcing it.

According to KMC’s Mayor-in-Council, Debabrata Majumdar, the previous penalty was too small to create fear among citizens. The increase in the penalty is aimed at deterring people from littering, which has become a major concern in the city, especially with the recent spread of dengue cases.

There is a tendency among some people to throw garbage on the streets from their balconies. The KMC had previously removed waste bins from residential areas but extended garbage collection hours to ensure proper collection of solid waste.

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