Kolkata needs makeover ahead of G20 Summit


The Kolkata Urban Development Authority (KMDA) has decided to give the Maa flyover a new coat of paint ahead of the 2023 G-20 Tourism Summit to prevent long-term corrosion. Officials said the flyover requires anti-corrosion paint as a precaution. Officials said the restricted areas of the overpass piers, pier caps and guardrails will be painted. The cost of the work, which the selected agency has to complete within 15 days, was estimated at 1.3 billion rupees, the official said. KMDA recently completed a structural integrity assessment of the Maa flyover and found no major damage to the structure. Authorities have already updated the stormwater and drainage network system throughout the flyover route. There is a cost to remove old and damaged drains and replace them with new storm drains.

Authorities have also issued a work order to rehabilitate Bankim Setu and expect to begin rehabilitative work on the Chingrighata flyover by the end of December. KMDA also carried out minor repair work on 10 bridges, overpasses and ROBs in and around the city, including Bijansetu Bridge, Dhakuria Bridge, Karnamoe Bridge, Kamarghazi Overpass, Sonalpur ROB, Maniktara Railway Bridge, uprooting of weeds and vegetation, sweeping, sweeping, We plan to clean and maintain roads. The Sampriti Flyover is open all year round.

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