The mayor of Kolkata, Firhad Hakim, said on Friday that all hookah bars will be closed as a result of suspicions that some of these establishments were being utilised for drug trafficking.He added that if a pub is discovered to be covertly selling hookah, its licence will also be revoked.There are claims that the hookah bars are a haven for illegal drug use. Drug addiction is among the younger generation.

He continued, “And for this reason, hookah bars have been ordered to close.”Doctors applauded the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s action, stating that an hour of hookah smoking produced nicotine deposits comparable to 100 cigarettes.

At the hookah bars, which are located inside restaurants, a lot of passive smoking also happens. It is harmful to health as one hour of hookah is equivalent to consuming 100 cigarettes,’ said doctor Bikash Majumder, senior consultant interventional cardiologist at Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals.

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