Kolkata’s air quality takes a nosedive, worse than Delhi


Delhi ranks first among the most polluted metro cities in India. But on Tuesday, metropolitan Kolkata overtook even the capital in terms of pollution as winter set in. Air quality index in Victoria in Kolkata was 264 that day. Air dry dust was measured at 2.5 pm. The air was even more toxic at Rabindra Bharati area. The air quality index there was 273. But on this day Delhi’s air quality was 263. Compared to that, the pollution level of Jadavpur, Ballyganj was less that day.As the amount of dust in the air increases, the Kolkata Municipality has started the work of draining water on the roads. Since that day, water has been sprinkled on the streets of the city twice. At present the municipality has 20 small water sprinklers. The municipality is bringing 20 more big water sprinklers in the coming days to drain the water. However, environmentalists say that pollution cannot be reduced by sprinkling water. Environmental expert Somendramohan Ghosh said that the temperature varies during this time. The top is hot while the ground cools down. Pollution is trapped in between. Being trapped at a height of 10 feet increases the problem of breathing. According to him, water cannot be drained all the time. There is little relief during that time when it is trimmed. Then it increases again. In order to reduce the dust, we have to stop burning garbage. Plastic waste, garbage from shops should be stopped.Along with vehicles in the city, construction activities are also adding to the pollution levels. Environmentalist Swati Nandi Chakraborty said that one of the causes of pollution in Kolkata is construction and vehicles. Delhi has become very aware. There are using environment friendly cars. But Kolkata is far behind in that regard. According to him, emphasis should be given to CNG, battery powered vehicles in the city along with emphasis on greening. Coal burning needs to be stopped. But still according to Dharmatala coal furnaces are being used in Khas Calcutta premises. Technology should be used in construction.Meanwhile, environmentalists are concerned about Victoria’s pollution levels. Air quality in Victoria Square touched 309 last Sunday night which experts consider extremely dangerous. Somendra Mohan said, air quality 309 means the onset of breathing difficulties. Pollution levels are high from night to dawn. Environmentalists blame vehicles for Victoria’s air pollution. Pollution has increased since the opening of the flyover to Park Circus behind Victoria. Apart from this, widespread pollution is also spreading from Shahid Minar and Babughat bus depot.

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