Late India’s ‘Man of Steel’, JJ Irani passed away at the age of 86


Late ‘Steel Man of India’He died late Monday night, aged 86. Jamshed J Irani, former managing director of Tata Steel, has breathed his last at the Tata Hospital in Jamshedpur, Tata Steel said.

After studying and working at home and abroad, he joined The Tata Steel and Iron in 1968. That’s the beginning. Since then, he retired from the board of Tata Steel in 2011 after working for several decades at Tata Steel. After joining in 1968, JJ Irani became General Superintendent of Tata Steel in 1978, General Manager in 1979 and President of Tata Steel in 1985 and Managing Director in 1992.He showed Tata Steel a new direction in his long career. Tata Steel received several awards during his tenure. The life of ‘Steel Man of India’ stopped at the age of 86. He left, leaving behind his huge career, wife and children, family.

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