Lover’s body cut in 35 pieces, kept in freezer for 5 months


Live-in partner was pushing for marriage. So her lover strangled her in anger. Then he cut the body into 35 pieces with a sharp knife in cold . 28-year-old Aftab Poonawala bought a new 300 litre fridge to keep his lover’s body. He is a call center worker by profession but a food blogger by passion. And using the experience of training to be a chef, the body of his lover Shraddha Walker (26) was kept in the fridge with a meat cutting knife. Then for 18 days, at exactly two o’clock in the night, he would leave the flat and drop the pieces little by little in one part of the forest in the capital.The accused of Delhi’s Mehrauli killed his girlfriend in a manner inspired by the popular American crime series ‘Dexter’. The episode of spreading the body of the lover in the forest is reminiscent of several high profile murders like the Sheena Bara murder, the Tindur case of Congress youth leader Sushil Sharma’s wife.Shraddha and Aftab worked in a multinational company in Mumbai. As Shraddha’s family objects to their romance, the two start living in a flat in Delhi. He was not willing to leave the live-in relationship and get married. There were often quarrels about it. Shraddha’s father recently came to Delhi’s flat after not finding the two for a long time he filed a kidnapping complaint against Aftab at the Mehrauli police station on November 8. On that basis, Aftab was arrested on Saturday. Currently in five-day police custody. In the police interrogation, Aftab said that he killed Shraddha five months ago, i.e. last May 18. Incense was kept burning all the time so that the rotten smell did not spread outside the flat. Prominent psychiatrist Dr. Debanjan Pan said in this context, “Crime thriller series on OTT platform is making the ‘pleasure circuit’ of people’s brain much more active. Due to which common people are not shying away from committing such crimes. Such killings are also happening more than before.” Police have already recovered some bones from inside the forest. But it is not clear whether they are of Shraddha or not. Swati Maliwal, chairperson of the Women’s Commission, tweeted expressing concern about such a terrible mentality of live-in partners.After allegedly killing her, Poonawala used to impersonate Walkar on the app and chat with her friends until June 9. When her status remained inactive for long thereafter, her friends informed her family members, who in turn approached the police. The accused began dating another woman shortly after the murder. The accused brought the woman to the apartment even before all the body parts of the victim were disposed.Poonawala allegedly impersonated Walkar on the app and chatted with her pals till June 9. When her status remained inactive for an extended period of time, her friends told her family, who contacted the police. Shortly after the murder, the accused began dating another woman. The accused brought the woman to the apartment before disposing of the victim’s body parts.According to Delhi Police, Aftab Amin Poonawalla, the culprit in the grisly murder case in Delhi, googled blood cleaning methods and read about human anatomy after murdering his live-in spouse Shraddha.According to police, Aftab’s electronic devices have been seized and will be properly examined. Police can establish Aftab’s confession after verifying his devices and Google search history.“The accused has been arrested and a case under IPC sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of an offence committed) has been registered at Mehrauli police station,” officials said.

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