LPG Cylinder Prices Increases.


Starting from March 1st, the prices of domestic cooking gas cylinders have been increased by Rs 50 for 14.2 kg cylinders and Rs 350.50 for 19 kg commercial cylinders. The prices vary from state to state due to different VAT and transportation costs. On January 1st, 2023, the prices of 19 kg commercial cylinders were increased by Rs 25.

Now, a 19 kg cylinder costs Rs 2119.50 in Delhi, Rs 2221.5 in Kolkata, Rs 2071.50 in Mumbai, and Rs 2268 in Chennai. The prices of a 14.2 kg cylinder have been increased to Rs 1103 in Delhi, Rs 1102.5 in Mumbai, Rs 1129 in Kolkata, and Rs 1118.5 in Chennai.

Retailers revise the prices of LPG cylinders at the beginning of each month according to global crude oil prices. Each household is entitled to 12 subsidised cylinders per year, and after that, they can purchase cylinders at market value.

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