‘Mahabodhi Express’ compartment detach from moving train


On Saturday, an accident occurred on the Mahabodhi Express between Gaya and New Delhi, but no one was harmed, preventing a major disaster.According to reports, the moving train’s two carriages parted from the engine.

On the Gaya Deendayal Upadhyay railway block in the Rohtas district, an accident took place.The train was apparently operating normally when, between the stations of Sasaram and Karabandia, two bogies abruptly detached from the engine. A serious accident was avoided thanks to the driver and the guard’s alertness. The train stopped for 42 minutes about this time. The engineering division eventually got the train running without any problems.

There is, however, no information on any specific injuries related to the incident. The railway officials arrived at the scene as soon as they received word about the event. The bogies were reconnected to the engine and sent after some time.The railroad company is looking into this carelessness. The team from RPF and GRP also arrived at the location following the information.

Mahabodhi Express nearly avoided a disaster on the upline between Sasaram and Dehri on Sone railway station close to Karwandiya railway station when the contact between his two bogies broke down between 3:40 and 4:22 pm, the train was stopped for a total of 42 minutes.When the engineers from the railway’s engineering department arrived, they linked the train before the train started towards Delhi.

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