Mamata Alleges BJP Conspiracy, SUV Tyre Seized in Bengal


Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister, took aim at the BJP after Rs 94 lakh was discovered Monday in the stepney (spare tyre) of a car headed for Guwahati in the Jalpaiguri district, just hours before she was scheduled to leave for Delhi to attend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s G20 summit.

“Money, hooligans and arms are being transported for the BJP. I would like to request the BJP to take care of it. Let us fight politically”, she said.

Five people were travelling in an SUV with a Bihar transportation authority-issued registration number when it was stopped by police, and they discovered Rs 94.38 lakh in cash inside.

“We had a specific tip off about transportation of the cash. A check-post was in place at Banarhat and we were checking all the suspected vehicles. We intercepted the SUV and started searching the vehicle. Initially, nothing was found. We picked up the spare tyre and realised its weight was abnormal. We decided to engage a mechanic to open the tyre,” said Biswajit Mahato, the superintendent of police, Jalpaiguri district. The police said the stepney was stashed with 94 bundles of currency notes in denominations of Rs 500 and RRs 200.

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