Mamata Banerjee Government goes to High Court on Protection for Suvendu Adhikari


The West Bengal government on Thursday verbally moved the bench of the Kolkata High Court to file a petition against a single bank order that ordered the state police not to register a FIR against BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari without court approval. asked for permission. The move follows the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider the state government’s petition to file a FIR against Adhikari in connection with a rush of comprehensive distribution programs in Asansol, Pasim Vardaman district on Wednesday. The ministry presided over by Chief Justice Prakash Shrivastava allowed state oral prayers to appeal against a single bench order dated 8 December, allowing opposition leaders without permission from the Supreme Court. barred him from filing further FIRs.

Adhikari’s lawyers have told the Rajasekhar Mantha Court of Justice that 26 FIRs have been filed against him, which would prevent him from acting as a people’s representative if an intrastate judgment were to be handed down. He said it was a systematic bid to do so. Judge Mantha ordered the State Police not to register any more of his FIRs against the petitioner without the Supreme Court’s permission, and suspended all his FIRs that Adhikari referred to in the petition. At least three people were killed and five injured in the stampede that occurred when people rushed to the podium for blankets after Adhikari left the venue.

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