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Man Carries Mother’s Body, Unable to Paid ₹3000


On Thursday, commuters were shocked to see a man carrying the body of his deceased mother on his shoulder with the help of his father on the road near the Jalpaiguri Medical College & Hospital in West Bengal.

The hospital ambulance drivers had refused to take them back home unless they paid a fee of Rs 3,000. The man, Ramprasad Dewan, had to carry his mother’s body after her death due to age-related ailments at the hospital. Eventually, an ambulance arranged by a local voluntary organization picked them up and took them home. This incident reminded people of a similar situation in 2016 when a man in Odisha had to walk 10 kilometers with the body of his wife on his shoulder after the hospital’s mortuary van drivers refused to assist him.

“I requested the ambulance drivers for a ride back. They demanded Rs 3,000 for that. I pleaded with them again and again to settle at a lower rate. But they refused. Hence, I decided to walk back carrying my mother’s body on my shoulder,” he said.

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