Medieval brutality in Saudi Arabia! In 10 days, 12 people were sentenced to death, killed by slitting their throats


Medieval brutality! Brutality in the name of punishment, say international human rights organizations. In the last 10 days, the administration of Saudi Arabia has executed 12 people for drug-related crimes. Most of the convicts were reportedly punished by having their throats cut with a sword. It was announced by the Saudi administration that the number of death sentences will be reduced. Although recently it has increased.

12 people were recently executed for drug smuggling, including 3 Pakistanis, 4 Syrians, 2 Jordanians and the remaining 3 Saudi Arabians. The Saudi administration has executed 132 people this year alone. That is more than the total number of executions in 2020 and 2021. In March this year, 81 criminals involved in various crimes including murder, terrorism have been sentenced to death. International human rights organizations have expressed concern in this situation.

A few years ago, Sultan Mohammed bin Salman (Mohammed Bin Salman) said that the Saudi administration is taking initiatives to reduce the death penalty. Only those convicted of murder shall be sentenced to death. However, this year’s extreme punishment calculations disprove this claim. Note that in 2018, American journalist Jamal Khashoggi was sentenced to death by Turkey. Since then, the death penalty has been increasing in West Asian countries.

In the entire incident, a human rights organization worker in Saudi Arabia said, “Mohammed bin Salman promised to reduce the death penalty several times. In the beginning, some initiatives were being taken by the administration in this regard. But today appears to be the end of a bloody year of Saudi rule. It was said that there would be no severe punishment in drug-related cases, but that promise was not kept this year. Several people have been severely punished for various drug-related reasons.”

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