MLA admits can’t restrict illegal cracker in front of Commissioner of Police !


In a co-ordination meeting regarding Kali Puja, Diwali, Chhath Puja and Jagadhatri Puja 2022. Howrah the Commissioner of Police, provided all the guidelines and how to go about Kali Puja Diwali, Chhath Puja and Jagadhari Puja.

After the Commissioner of Police and other officers conveyed their guidelines and opinions. MLA admits that “police only just can’t restrict illegal crackers it’s been happening for many years.” And now it has been controlled but still it’s not fully banned and no matter what we hear and what instructions have been given to everyone that doesn’t use firecrackers or don’t play loud music but as soon the festive season starts the firecrackers are at home already. “We all hear that no firecrackers are not available in the market but somehow from somewhere it’s available”. Isn’t it surprising that he confronted that no matter what’s the guidelines have been introduced. No firecrackers no loud music but still people are breaking the rules. But he isn’t wrong he is actually telling the truth. So then Police are not doing anything about it?

No, it is not like that if you see the previous year’s record,many places have been shut down by Police who were selling firecrackers.“Till last year, while making firecracker seizures we had to sort between green and non-green crackers. A complete ban on firecrackers is a lot easier to implement ”said one officer.He added that yes it’s in control now but just police can’t do anything alone we also need to follow the guidelines in a proper way for our safety, for our environment and use “green crackers” instead of firecrackers.

He advised the people of Howrah district and the secretary of the big compounds that have a look and keep checking during these coming days and especially on Diwali. That no one should burst firecrackers from the terrace because we don’t know when that small part of firecrackers will fall down on some pandal and can take a massive fire break out. So please be careful in compounds there is enough space so if you want to burst crackers use those space. When firecrackers is bursting in the sky and if fire catches through that , at that point of time no fire brigade can do anything it will take time to reach and we don’t know how massive that fire can be.

Not just police we also need to behave like a responsible citizen and take care of these small things. Take precautions regarding this so that we all can celebrate our diwali safely and happily. Bengal is full of rich culture and here each and every festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm be it Durga Puja, Diwali,Kali Puja, Chhat puja, Muharram, Eid .This is the real culture of bengal and that’s how it should be . Have a safe and happy festive season ahead by saying this he ended his opinion.

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