Mysterious murder of railway worker in Howrah


There was a lot of buzz in Howrah after the body of a young man was recovered from the side of the road near the national highway. The body was recovered from a dark Nijhum road in Pirdanga near Domgade National Highway No. 16 on Wednesday Dasami night. The local residents get a strong stench while traveling through that road. They see that a bag lying on the side of the road is emitting a stench. Going closer, it can be seen that blood is coming out of the bag. Immediately they reported to Domjur police station. When the police went and opened the bag, the decomposed body of a young man wearing clothes and pants was recovered. On receiving the news, senior officials of Howrah City Police rushed to the spot. After investigation, the police came to know on Thursday morning that the headless body belonged to a young man named Suraj Sau (42). However, the police could not recover the head of the young man until this afternoon. It is known that he is a railway worker by profession. Class IV employee of Santragachi station. Although originally a resident of Bihar, his family lived in a single-storey tiled rice house in South Sundarpara of Jagacha. The police came to know that Suraj had been killed by someone and left in a sack on the street. Multiple sources have emerged in the hands of investigators. They came to know that Suraj had an extramarital affair with a female colleague in the office. He used to have trouble with his wife Rajeshwari Sau on a daily basis and he used to beat Rajeshwari. The unrest reached such a level that Rajeshwari moved to her father’s house in Visakhapatnam three months ago with their 15-year-old son Sulochan Kumar and 10-year-old daughter Vandana. The police also learned that Suraj had bought a bus to ply the Dharmatala to Bihar route. To buy the bus, he borrowed Rs 4 lakh from the woman with whom Suraj had an extramarital affair.

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