NCPCR summoned BYJU’s CEO over Allegations of Mis-Selling Courses to Students


Byju’s Raveendran, CEO of edtech firm BYJU, appeared in person before the commission on Friday on charges of hard-selling and misleadingly selling courses to students. summoned to do so. The summons days comes after the child rights group took notice of media reports alleging that edtech companies were harassing families, leaving them heavily in debt and exploiting students.BYJU’s savings and future are at risk, according to Reuters, after a spate of complaints from customers on social media platforms and consumer websites claiming they have been taken advantage of and defrauded.

Byju’s Raveendran was asked to appear in person at the NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) on December 23. Because he discovered that BYJU was involved in fraudulent activities that tricked parents and children into entering into credit-based contracts, thereby exploiting them.On December 23rd, Raveendran said, “Details of all courses BYJU runs for children, details of the structure and fees of these courses, number of students currently enrolled in each course, BYJU’s refund policy, BYJU You must provide legal documentation regarding the accreditation of a valid Ed Tech company and other relevant documentation regarding claims made in media coverage”. He must also explain any disagreement on the issues mentioned. “Under section 14 of the CPCR Act of 2005, the Commission has all the powers of a civil court to hear claims under the Civil Procedure Code of 1908, with particular reference to: (b) discovery and production of documents, (c) receipt of evidence relating to affidavits, (d) request of public records or copies thereof from a court or authority, (e) examination of witnesses or documents.The NCPCR approached Mr. Raveendran in person and asked him to explain the discrepancies as to the nature of the issue.

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