NCW Letter to Akhil Giri: ‘Apologise’, Women’s Commission’s letter to Akhil, DGP to investigate


State, and national politics, are in turmoil due to the controversy over the appearance of President Draupadi Murmu. In this situation, BJP MP Soumitra Khan filed a complaint with the National Commission for Women about Akhil Giri’s comments. In view of this, the National Commission for Women has sent a letter to the MLA of Ramnagar and the state minister asking for an apology. Besides, a letter has also been sent by the Women’s Commission to the DG of the State Police, asking them to investigate the whole incident.

It is to be noted that while attacking Shuvendu, standing in Nandigram, Akhil Giri said, ‘(Shubendu) does not look good to me. What is beautiful? What is good to see? We do not judge form. We respect your presidential chair. But what does your president look like, father?’ Incidentally, earlier, Subvendu took a jibe at Akhil Giri and called him a ‘crow-looking half-pants minister’. The Trinamool MLA made rude comments about the President while replying to him. With which state politics is raging.

In this atmosphere yesterday, Amit Malviya and Sukant Majumdar tweeted condemning Akhil Giri. BJP MP Soumitra Khan complained to the National Commission for Women. Later, Soumitra posted a copy of the complaint in a tweet and captioned it, ‘This heinous act of Akhil Giri cannot be condoned under any circumstances. An insult to the Honorable President is an insult to women’s empowerment, an insult to the Indian democratic system and an insult to 1.4 billion people.’ Meanwhile, it has been learned that the state minister in charge of the prison department is going to write a letter apologizing to Draupadi Murmu for making inappropriate comments about the president.

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