NIA in states to tackle crime


The definition and boundaries of crime are changing. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is playing an important role in the investigation of crimes like cyber crime, terrorism, drug trafficking along with the state. For that reason, Union Home Minister Amit Shah advised the states to move forward in understanding with the NIA to prevent such crimes in the coming days.

Not stopping only with advice, Shah said on this day that states can bring laws if necessary to regulate cooperation with the center. Along with this, the Center is also walking the path of several reforms in the Indian Penal Code. The Home Minister announced on this day that NIA offices will be opened in all states of the country by 2024. Even though law and order belongs to the states, the way in which central agencies have started to be used to investigate the crimes committed in the states, already in the federal framework, the opponents are saying that it is a central interference on the rights of the states. As Sukhendushekhar Roy, general secretary of the Trinamool Rajya Sabha, said today, “Amit Shah’s gesture today is clear – the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah authoritarian government is moving forward with the intention of capturing not only law and order, but also the constitutional, judicial system.”

A two-day conference on the country’s internal security has started today at Surajkund in Faridabad, adjacent to the capital. Different countries
Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the conference in the presence of State Home Minister, Chief of Police, Chief of Intelligence, DG of Paramilitary Forces this afternoon.

In the meeting, besides highlighting the success of the government in the last eight years, Amit Shah also indicated what the direction of the government is going to be in the coming days. According to the constitution, the responsibility of maintaining law and order rests with the state, but in cases like terrorism, drugs, anti-national activities, cyber crime, etc.
Amit Shah practically explained today that the Center will go beyond the state’s rights and intervene if necessary. According to him, there are certain crimes which have no fixed limits. To deal with such crimes.

Center and states have to work together. Crimes that are not confined to a particular geographic movement, crimes that have roots interstate or interstate
Central agencies can come forward to help states investigate them. He reminded, that is why the NIA has been strengthened recently by bringing a bill in Parliament. Amit Shah also said that other laws aimed at reforming the Criminal Penal Code will be brought to Parliament very soon.

Shah also said that NIA offices will be opened in all states by 2024. He claimed that the state will also get benefits if that office is opened. The state police will also benefit from the database of criminals being created by the NIA across the country. The opposition alleges that Delhi is trying to signal that law and order will no longer be in the hands of the state, but that it will be controlled by Delhi
Amit Shah. The counter argument of the Ministry of Home Affairs is that the Home Minister has asked that the Center and the State can move forward in a more integrated and organized manner in the matter of maintaining law and order.

Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar’s counter-argument, “To maintain their own authority, to control the opposition, the central agency has been questioned in this way. Their goal is to stifle opposition voices through central agencies. Not only the political party, if any person joins the opposition to the centre, then he is also being victimized being branded as ‘traitors’ or members of ‘tukre tukre gangs’.”

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has taken over the investigation into the communal clash in Kolkata’s Mominpur on Lakshmi Puja and the car blast in Tamil Nadu’s Koyasvattur a few days ago. According to the opposition, in the state
There has been a tendency to hand over any sensitive case to NIA or CBI. As a result, indirect interference of the center in the law and order of the state is increasing and this trend is increasing gradually.

On the other hand, the Centre’s counter argument is that the Khagragarh blast or the 2014 blast at Narendra Modi’s election rally at Gandhi Maidan in Patna just before the Lok Sabha.
The administrations of the two states initially wanted to dismiss it as a minor incident. Later it is known that there is a close relationship between the terrorist organization and those two incidents. That is why the NIA has decided to fast-track investigations into cases that may have links to terrorism, the Center argued. Besides NIA is well trained for such work. State police do not have that standard of training or expertise. That is why proper investigation of incidents is entrusted to certain central agencies.

In the words of Amit Shah, “The Center is trying to proceed holistically rather than proceeding with an investigation regionally in the case of sensitive incidents. For this reason, it is desirable to maintain good relations with the neighboring states of all states. And agencies like Intelligence Bureau (IB), NIA are all ready to help states in such work.”

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