No injury ‘story’, Messi is in the mood


Why was he not in the first training session after arriving in Qatar? So is there an injury?

There were many different opinions about Lionel Messi around the world. But Argentina’s team management removed all doubts. They said there is no ‘story’ of any injury anywhere. The legend is in the mood. 

Messi did not start on Friday, but there was no gap in his preparation. Messi spent time in the gym. LM Ten was joined in the gym by Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Angel Di Maria and Nicolas Otamendi. About 400 journalists were present at Qatar University on Friday. Interestingly, after they all left the gym, all five of them, including Messi, went down to the field and joined their teammates in training! Those who watched the first fifteen minutes thought that Messi might not have entered the field. Before the World Cup’s start, the first dribble was done by the media. Even on Saturday, when the training of the blue-white brigade started at 6 pm local time at the number three training ground, Messi did not enter the field. Argentine journalists were worried. What happened again? In fact, there is no discomfort with Messi. After a while it appeared, Leo was entering the field with a physical trainer. At that time, journalists from all countries, including Argentina, smiled. He sprinted and played short passes. Journalists had access for only 15 minutes that day. It is a relief to see Messi in it.

In fact, on the first day, not seeing Messi at the start, Argentina’s fans were also scared. Because two strikers Nicolas Gonzalez and Joaquin Correa have already been knocked out with injuries. They were replaced by Thiago Almada and Angel Correa. But for now, the cloud of worry is gone. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni is making no effort to keep the team’s best weapon in mind. Team Argentina is based in Qatar University. During the World Cup, according to the team’s long-standing tradition, two footballers live in one room. Sergio Aguero was Messi’s room partner last time in Russia. He is retired. But so that Messi can spend time in his own room (room number B-201), no one was allowed to join him. Otamendi and De Paul are in the room next to Messi. Di Maria and Paredes are in the opposite room of Messi. ‘What I told the rest of the team,’ says Scaloni. Messi said the same. Enjoy playing in the World Cup. Have a good time on the field. Apart from that, he has nothing more to say. Everyone knows what he can do.’

Argentina means huge pressure of expectation. The last World Cup came in 1986, under Diego Maradona. Despite reaching the finals in 1990 and 2014, they did not make it to the finals. Messi did not take over the World Cup. This time Leo is going to the last World Cup of his life in Qatar, and he is in a good mood. Prayers throughout Argentina, for the untimely deceased Maradona, may Messi return home after winning the World Cup. Coach Scaloni is feeling the pressure of this expectation. But Messi himself is making his work very easy. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has beaten the legend. As he advises the youth, he himself listens to the advice of the youth with great humility. Scaloni says, ‘There are no such men of the earth! Messi also knows that he has everything in his arsenal, not just the real gems! The World Cup. He appeared calm, but Messi is determined to find the elusive sweetie.

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