No one can take even an Inch of our Land as ITBP is guarding our Border: Amit Shah


Union Home Minister Amit Shah welcomed the security forces guarding the India-China border on Saturday and said he was not worried because the Indian army would not give up an inch of land in the country. At an event in Bengaluru’s Devanahalli, he praised the security forces guarding the border along the Line of Actual Control in conditions believed to regularly drop temperatures to 42 degrees Celsius.

The home minister was on a two-day visit to Karnataka where he laid the foundation stone of the Central Intelligence Training Institute and inaugurated the Indo-Tibetan Border Police’s (ITBP) residential and non-residential complexes. As for the India-China border, I am not worried as I know ITBP officials are vigilant,” said Mr Shah. “That’s why no one can occupy an inch of land in India. People call his ITBP’s Jawan ‘Himaveer’ and I think it’s bigger than Padmashri or Padmavi Bhushan,” he said. Mr Shah said ITBP has performed very well in the most difficult areas since its inception. “All the states I visited like Arunachal, Kashmir and Ladakh.

He said the government was planning to provide 100 days for the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) personnel to spend time with their families at their headquarters. ”This is necessary from the human point of view,” he added.

The Home Minister also told the gathering that ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government came to power at the Centre it improved the housing and health facilities of the CAPF. He also underlined systemic and systematic reform should be a continuous process and hence it is important to draw strategies based on the research work. He pointed out that the responsibility to carry out research work on behalf of the entire police of the country and the Central Armed Police Forces lies on BPR&D.

The Home Affairs Minister emphasized coordination between police in different states of India where law and order is a matter of states. Coordination and cooperation are needed in India as law and order is a matter of government with cultural diversity. However, there is also cultural diversity, Shah said, because criminals are also part of the culture and present different kinds of problems.

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