North Korea Conducted a Missile Test


A submarine missile launch that Pyongyang’s media described as a success coincided with the start of massive US-South Korea drills


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has reportedly launched cruise missiles from a submarine, in what is believed to be the first test of its kind for the country.

The launch was described as a success by DPRK’s state-run media outlet, KCNA, and coincided with the start of massive US-South Korea drills, which Pyongyang has condemned as preparation for an attack. The missiles reportedly traveled 1,500 kilometers before hitting their intended targets in the Sea of Japan.

The launch is seen as a demonstration of Pyongyang’s efforts to diversify its delivery options for its “nuclear war deterrence means.” Earlier this year, the DPRK’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, called on his armed forces to gear up for “real combat” amid increased military activity by the US and South Korea on the peninsula.

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