Pain the Metro Corridors in Blue and White, Mayor Firhad Hakim


Kolkata’s Mayor Firhad Hakim has asked the city’s Metro rail authorities to paint all the pillars and girders of the rail corridor in blue and white, in keeping with the city’s beautification initiative and the state’s chosen colour theme. The request comes as many public infrastructures and government projects have already been painted in these hues. Interestingly, the TMC party, of which Hakim is a Senior Minister, changed its official colour scheme to blue and white in 2019. In the past, the party also launched a property tax waiver scheme for residential buildings painted in these colours.

Firhad Hakim pointed out, “You are probably aware of the fact that the West Bengal government has chosen blue and white as the state’s theme colour..”, so in line with this, several government projects and public infrastructures have already been painted with these hues.

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