Pakistan and China Secretly Researching ‘Deadly Virus’: Report


Ignoring global concerns, Pakistan and China continue their biological weapons research at a secret facility near Rawalpindi.China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Defense Science and Technology Organization (DSTO), led by the Pakistan Army, have set up state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure to study deadly pathogens in Pakistan, agency sources said.

Moneycontrol was unable to independently validate the report. It’s worth remembering that the first cases of Covid-19 were reported almost three years ago and the world is still battling an unprecedented crisis caused by the contagious virus and its variants. there is. According to various media reports, China has produced a Covid-like pathogen in Pakistan that he could cause a much greater viral contamination than Covid. The lab in question is reportedly a “Biosafety Level 4” (BSL-4) facility, headed by a two-star general.

According to experts, BSL- laboratories are used to study infectious agents and toxins that can cause life-threatening diseases for which no vaccine or treatment is available. The secret project is titled: Collaboration in emerging infectious diseases and research in biological control of vector-borne diseases, ANI reported. It is also reported that China ordered a network of laboratories from Pakistan to create and test infectious antigens, much more than SARS-CoV-2. “The joint collaboration between the Pakistani military laboratory and PLA-controlled laboratories and facilities was not for scientific experiments but for the weaponization of pathogens,” the report suggests.

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