Pandey brothers and associate nabbed by police for fraud


Escape to another state did not last for four people, including the main accused Shailesh Pandey, who was finally caught by the police six days after the incident of recovery of crores of cash in Shibpur, Howrah. Apart from Shailesh and his two brothers Rohit and Arvind, the police arrested one more person named Prasenjit Das after dividing into several teams and conducting searches in Odisha and Ahmedabad. Investigators have taken the accused into custody. According to police sources, Prasenjit worked as Shailesh’s associate. He also fixed Shailesh’s office at Strand Road.
Along with the Pandey brothers, Prosenjit’s name has repeatedly come up in the investigation into the recovery of cash. The Strand Road office was rented in his name. As per the documents recovered from the office, Prosenjit was also named as the director. The police also found evidence of Prosenjit talking to Shailesh and others several times after the cash recovery incident. It is known that Shailesh and his two brothers ran away from the Shibpur flat on getting a hint of the police search. Prosenjit too had fled. In the CCTV footage, Shailesh’s two brothers are seen fleeing in a car with several bags in their hands. After that, the police came to know that they fled to Rourkela in Odisha. Shailesh Pandey and two brothers were arrested from Rourkela after being divided into multiple teams.

Also, Prosenjit was arrested in Gujarat. The police are investigating whether anyone else is involved in this fraud cycle. All the four arrested persons were produced before the Bankshal court on Friday. The judge ordered them to be remanded in police custody till November 1.

According to the police, the bank authorities lodged a written complaint with the Hare Street police station on suspicion of unusual transactions in two accounts of the Narendrapur branch of a state-owned bank. After investigating the complaint, the police came to know that this fraud cycle was running in the name of giving lessons related to foreign currency trading online. comes forward
Shailesh’s name Calcutta Police recovered Rs 8 crore in cash and several pieces of gold jewellery after searching the house and car of Shailesh, a chartered accountant by profession, in Shibpur, Howrah on Saturday.

Besides, investigators froze another Rs 20 crore in his two accounts. Although Shailesh escaped before the search, a ‘look-out’ notice was issued for him. While investigating the cash recovery, the police came to know that Shailesh used to open multiple fake accounts and transact fraudulent money through them. He was the introducer of each account even though he opened the account in the name of others with fake documents. After examining about 17 such accounts, the investigators have already found traces of transactions worth Rs. 207 crore. There is also evidence of foreign contact with this fraud ring. Also, there is confusion about where the rest of the money is. The investigators are trying to get the answers from the accused who are now in custody. The investigators are also trying to get an answer to the question of whether Shailesh is the head of this online fraud ring or whether there are more heads. Incidentally, along with the Kolkata Police, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has also started an investigation by registering a ‘case’ at the CGO complex. Now it remains to be seen if the ED requests to take custody of the arrested persons after the custody of the Kolkata Police ends.

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