Procam International announced detailed arrangements for Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2022


Procam International, promoter of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, outlined arrangements that are in place for Sunday, 18th December, including medical facilities, for the benefit of the participants. Present on the occasion were Debashish Kumar, MLA & MMIC, Sports, Parks and Squares and Advertisements, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Santosh Pandey IPS, Joint Commissioner Traffic, Col. Sudip Majee, Indian Army , Hugh Jones, Race Director; Dr Sanjukta Dutta, Medical Director and Head of Emergency, Fortis and Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International.

Debasish Kumar MLA MMIC, KMC, said, “Kolkata has been waiting for this event since a long time and we have the presence of all the technical stakeholders today. The disabled runners require the support of the technical team the most. The event can only be successful with the help of these stakeholders”.

Col Sudip Majee.col GS Indian Army, said, “It has been a great honor to be associated with this marathon and whatever help we can extend from our end will always be there. It is for a great cause after the COVID and all of us really enjoy”.


The Tata Steel Kolkata will be telecast live on Sony Sports1 & Sony Sports1 HD from 6:00 am to 10:00 am. The event will also be streamed live on Sony liv. Race timings are below: Open 10K & Police Cup (10km): 5:40 am 25K + Vijay Diwas Trophy (25km): 6:26am Champions with Disability (2:3km): 8:05 am Senior Citizens Run (2:3km): 8:10 am Ananda Run (4:5km Approx): 8:40 am.


The route for the 25K and 10K is for the benefit of all participants and citizens of Kolkata. One of the most important aspects of the route is that it is a single way route.This will drastically help reduce traffic congestion and will not disturb the citizens. The elite athletes will also get a clear, clean route. The course for the World Athletics Elite Label 25K race runs past iconic landmarks of the city.


1. Online registrations, a digital handbook for participants and email communication with all participants to help reduce paper consumption

2. Reusable cloth bags for bibs, bibs distributed without plastic cover, paper bags used for event kitting and cloth bags for refreshment distribution. Participants will also be encouraged to return the plastic covers of the race day event tees in designated bins to ensure no plastic from the event enters the city waste stream.

3. Training of waste handlers & supervisors on effective operations (collection of waste where littered, ensure segregation)

4. Dry & Wet Waste segregated at the source of generation ie: the event expo, course, holding area, start/finish, event marquees, media centre among others All areas are manned by tagged bins for collection of dry and wet waste. On Race Day at the Venue – there are Waste kiosks (Large centralized waste disposal & collection stations), that will have separate bins – DRY for paper, tetra packs etc, PLASTIC for PET bottles, food containers and WET for food waste. Participants will be encouraged to dispose garbage in designated bins through various announcements and waste pickers / volunteers.

5. Enhanced infrastructure for waste management: 160 waste handlers on the route, 71 waste handlers on venue. Hasiru Dala Innovations, will ensure the fast-track last mile disposal of waste to the appropriate destinations to ensure no waste goes to landfill

6. Organic waste: composted at an organic composting facility managed by Disha at Dhulgargh Truck Terminal, Howrah

7. Pet bottles will be recycled with authorised recyclers which along with other plastic will be shredded to flakes and upcycled to backpacks, raincoats, umbrella’s, etc.

8. Waste paper and cardboard will be recycled to fresh new paper, files, craft paper etc.

9. Flex management: DISHA will cut the flex from frames and making them into sheets that will be sent to flood affected areas like Sundarban, Kakdwip and Sagar island. The large sheets will be used for roofing, medium size sheets will be given to street vendors on which they may spread their wares, the smaller sheets will be used to make shopping bags.

Mirchi Get Expo:

On-the-spot Registrations For the first time, on-the-spot registrations for Ananda Run, 25K, and Champions with Disability will be available during the two-day Mirchi Get Active Expo at the Khudiram Anushilan Kendra between December 16 and 17. This will ensure all enthusiastic runners get an opportunity to be part of Eastern India’s biggest running festival.

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