Projapati: Song Launch “Bom Bole Bom Bom” and Live Performance at Shivmandir


This specific song was totally filmed in Varanasi and is replete with references to dedication. In this song, the father-son connection is deftly depicted together with the picturesque grandeur of Varanasi, where time stood still. Avijit Sen didn’t skimp on anything to make this song a magnificent visual masterpiece, including the lanes, the ghats, a required trip to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple with Mithun-Dev, and the pair riding in a Rickshaw across the city. The composition of the song is so exquisite that it will undoubtedly have an influence on the listeners. Dev attended the song launch together with “Projapati” presenter Atanu Raychaudhuri and director Avijit Sen.

Shibmandir’s atmosphere was so welcoming that Surojit and the band were able to perform the song LIVE  Watch it by clicking the following link.

The much-anticipated Christmas film Projapati, which stars Superstar Dev and Megastar Mithun Chakraborty in the key roles, was produced by Bengal Talkies and Dev Entertainment Ventures, who today debuted the song “Bom Bole Bom Bom,” which was written by Surojit Chatterjee.

On December 23, 2022, Atanu Raychaudhuri and Avijit Sen will release Projapati in top multiplexes and on single screens.

Our first song, ‘Baba, Tumi Amar Hero‘ has performed brilliantly across many musical platforms. Today, as we launch, ‘Bom Bole Bom Bom‘ we certainly are more hopeful that Projapati’s jukebox will top the chart of the music lovers for days to come”, said Presenter Atanu Raychaudhuri on behalf of Bengal Talkies.

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