Pujo Menu Launch : Broadway’s tribute to Calcutta


Since its inception in 1937, the Broadway Hotel has served as a landmark for visitors from all over the country, as well as a haven for celebrities. The Broadway Hotel is nostalgia personified, having withstood the test of time. 

It is one of the premier spots for foreigners from all over the world to come and experience vintage Calcutta, designed in the British architectural style with vintage furniture. 
Another draw is the bar, which serves as a gathering place for people from all walks of life to enjoy a bygone era of Calcutta, as if time has stopped here. The high ceilings, vintage tablecloths, and European upholstery make for an unforgettable experience.

Each specialty meal has an unique tale to tell, exhibiting ingredients from different cuisines, including Bengali, Continental, Indian, and Chinese; a variety of cuisines that highlight Kolkata as we currently experience it.

Every Sunday, live music fills Broadway with energy. High-caliber musicians perform acoustic music during brunch and in the evening in genres including jazz, classic rock, blues, etc.

Among the socialites in attendance were Shahahanshah Mirza, a descendant of Nawab Wajid Ali, Mimi Das, a rights activist, and Saira Shah Halim, a candidate for the CPI (M). Rajlakshmi Syam, a fashion designer, eminent pianist, business consultant, and state president of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce, was also there.

“I truly enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity and the sense of history here. The atmosphere is really charming, and the cuisine is excellent, so I would definitely recommend it! Saira Shah Halim exclaimed!

“Broadway Hotel is one of the famous assets of Kolkata. I was immediately transported to the old world charm that Calcutta was known for! I’m glad they didn’t change the interiors and preserved the allure. Everyone is laughing and joking, and everyone is having a good time; I’m glad I came this evening and am taking it all in! There is such a positive energy in the room! ” remarked Shahanshah Mirza. 

In his quick introduction to the Broadway Hotel, Raghav Sehgal said that it has witnessed a lot of historical events; what we now know as Broadway is a location that encompasses Calcutta itself. People frequently remark that at the Broadway Hotel, time seems to stand still, and it offers nostalgia.

“This Durga Puja, following Covid, I believe will be greatly celebrated, especially since we received the Heritage Tag this year; thus, we have prepared a Puja Menu for the occasion.” said Sandeep Sehgal. 

They are bringing signature dishes such as Vegetable Cutlet, Prawn Crackers and Katla Peti Fry to the table. The new puja menu consists of delectable dishes such as Chilly Mustard Fish, Thai Basil Chicken, Fish Finger, Chicken Ala Kiev, Share Market Toast, Smoky Barbeque Wings, and more.

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