Railway workers get bonus after threatening a strike


Railway workers used to get a bonus before Puja. This time there was no news of him before the puja. After that, the workers threatened to go on a strike. Immediately after that, the bonus was announced on Saturday. It also starts to be given by Saptami. The general secretary of the Eastern Railway Men’s Union claimed, “PLB was not being announced. The PLB was announced on Saturday night without passing the decision in the cabinet as the railway minister was threatened with a strike. Basically, non-gazetted railway employees will get this bonus. The bad news is that RPF and RPSF are leaving.

According to railway sources, in all, approximately 11.27 lakh non-gazetted railway employees will get this facility.

According to the Ministry of Railways, the workers will get this bonus soon. A maximum bonus of 17 thousand 951 taka will be given to each railway employee. The Railway Minister said that the President has also approved the Productivity Linked Bonus. It is equal to 78 days’ wages. All eligible non-gazetted employees will get this benefit. He tweeted this, citing a government directive. According to a government statement, during the Covid pandemic, railway workers assisted in transporting essential commodities such as food, fertiliser, coal, and others. The railway workers have been trying to ensure that there is no shortage of these materials anywhere.

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