Rare sighting of tigress with cubs in Sundarbans


The Royal Bengal Tiger appeared again in front of the tourists in the Sundarbans forest.

But this time the tigress was seen with two cubs. Tourists first spotted a tigress on Monday afternoon near the Choragaji Khali Jungle of the Sajnekhali range office of the Sundarbans tiger project. Two cubs were with the tigress. They recorded that scene. 

Visiting the Sundarbans to see tigers is not a new phenomenon. Tigers are often seen by tourists. Tourists also saw two tigers fighting with each other on the edge of the forest in the Dobanki area two days ago.

However, it is very rare to see a tigress and three cubs together. The forest department staff cannot remember the last time a tigress with cubs was seen in the Sundarbans forest. Even guides associated with tourists. In this way, the tiger project officials are happy on the one hand as tourists are happy to see the scene of sitting and swimming with the tigress in the jungle. Tigers are constantly increasing in the forests of Sundarbans. It is proved by his vision. The Sundarbans tour started in the pleasant weather of the winter season. On Monday, the Sundarbans forest was well crowded. Baghini was spotted by a few tourist boats. Then more tourist boats arrive. For about two and a half hours, tigresses and tiger cubs were seen emerging from the jungle and swimming in the river. Tapas Das, Field Director of Tiger Project, said, Four tigers were spotted together in the Choragazi bare forest of the Sajnekhali range office. This is a rare occurrence indeed. This proves that tigers are increasing in the woods of Sundarbans. Guides who tour the Sundarbans are the first to spot the tiger and report it to the Tiger Project office 

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