Remo, the successful entrepreneur of Bengal and the owner of Harry’s Restaurant believes their is no alternative to hard work


News Desk : Remo, a very successful Bengali entrepreneur and owner of several restaurants and founder of Harry’s, always believe in hard work. After working in an organization for about seven years, when he thought to do something on his own, only thing that he had, was the courage and enthusiasm. Talking about his career journey Remo says, ‘Many were surprised when I decided to do something for myself after working for almost 7 years in a completely different field. But I was persistent in my goal. I knew success would come one day. At that time, just a couple of years ago, I started the journey from a small restaurant at Kasba. I have seen many ups and downs and being persistent in my goals, today I run five restaurants in Kolkata. Planned to open at least two more new restaurants in the coming days. One thing I believe in is hard work. I think there is no substitute for hard work. I have seen many ups and downs in life. Night after night witnessed a long sigh. But did not stop working. So I think that if you want to do something for yourself, many people may try to pull you back, but if you ignore all these obstacles and have the mindset to move forward, then success will definitely come one day.’

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