Removal of Amendments to Factories Act Annouced by M.K Stalin


M.K Stalin announced that controversial amendments would be removed to Factories Act

Tamil Nadu: On Monday, M.K. Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, announced that the State’s recent Bill, which had caused controversy for modifying the Factories Act of 1948 to allow certain factories to extend their working hours, has been retracted.

During the May Day celebrations organized by the ruling DMK-affiliated Labour Progressive Federation (LPF) at Chennai’s May Day Park, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin announced that the recent controversial Bill that amended the Factories Act of 1948 to permit extended working hours in some factories has been withdrawn. The Chief Minister mentioned that all MLAs would soon be informed about this decision. The amendment had faced strong opposition from trade unions and political parties, and following talks with trade unions, the Chief Minister had put further action on hold on the same day. Mr. Stalin noted that the government’s decision to withdraw the Bill required courage, which contrasted with the Union government’s handling of protests against the Farm Bills. He commended the LPF for opposing the Bill, demonstrating how democratic the DMK is. The Chief Minister reiterated that the amendment aimed to attract investments to Tamil Nadu and generate employment for young people, with certain provisions in place to protect workers’ welfare.

He emphasized that the DMK remained committed to workers’ welfare, citing various welfare measures passed by former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. Mr. Stalin also referred to past incidents of government suppression of workers and protests, contrasting them with the government’s current stance.

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