Replace ‘Vladimir Putin’ as Russia President, claims Ukrainian official.


Russian President Vladimir Putin may not ultimate till the cease of the Ukraine strugglefare and officers are already discussing his replacement, claimed Ukraine’s Chief of Defence intelligence, consistent with a report.Major General Kyrylo Budanov claimed that Russian officers are “actively discussing” doing away with Vladimir Putin from power, The Mirror reported.

The statement comes amid a counteroffensive by Ukraine to take back Kherson, a strategic port city, that has been under Russian control since the early days of the invasion.

It’s unlikely that he [Putin] survives it. And currently, there are active discussions happening in Russia about who’d be there to replace him,” Major general Kyrylo Budanov said. Major general Budanov added that Ukraine is aiming to recapture Kherson by the end of November and would even attempt to take back Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. Ukraine could potentially consider to be an endgame to the war, he further said.

Since Russian forces suffered major defeats in September, Vladimir Putin has doubled down, calling up hundreds of thousands of reservists, announcing the annexation of occupied territory and repeatedly threatening to use nuclear weapons.Recent missile and drone strikes have knocked out more than 40 per cent of Ukraine’s power-generating capabilities, leading to energy rationing and blackouts throughout the country. They signal the start of what could be a cold, dark winter in Ukraine as war rages on.

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