RSS Chief Homosexuality Complaint


Sandeep Deo, a YouTuber and right-wing author, has filed a criminal complaint against the RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, and the editors of two RSS mouthpieces, Panchajanya and Organiser, for allegedly outraging Hindu sentiments.

In the interview, Bhagwat said that Hindu civilisation has traditionally acknowledged the LGBTQ community. He gave the following reference from the Mahabharata:’Jarasandha had two generals—Hans and Dimbhak. Because the two were extremely close, Krishna spread the rumour that Dimbhaka had died, prompting Hans to commit suicide. Just like that, he killed two generals.What exactly was it? It’s all the same. They both had such relationships. Humans already have this type. It has existed since the dawn of time. As a veterinary doctor, I am aware that this type exists in animals as well. It is biological in nature. However, there is a lot of talk about it. They, too, must survive. They are of a different breed. According to him, they should also receive a separate private space and feel a sense of belonging to the entire society. It’s really quite simple.’

The complaint stems from an interview Bhagwat gave to the two magazines, in which he allegedly endorsed and associated homosexuality with Hindu religious figures and made inflammatory remarks against Lord Krishna.

Deo claims that he reached out to the editors of the magazines requesting a retraction and apology, but did not receive a response. He has called for a written apology from Bhagwat and the editors and for the statements to be removed from all platforms. Other right-wing influencers have also criticized Bhagwat for his perceived “pro-LGBT” position and called for an apology.

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