Sameer Panja feels ‘out of place’ in the Trinamool Congress.


Three time MLA of Udaynarayanpur in Howrah and Chairman of Howrah District (Rural) Trinamool Samir Panja asked for ‘farewell’ from the party. After seeing his post on Facebook, the top leadership wanted to contact the MLA on behalf of the party and talk to him.

Sameer has been Mamata Banerjee’s partner since before the formation of Trinamool. One such political activist wrote on Facebook on Friday night, “Are people like me from the days of the Undivided Youth Congress, even important now?’ After that, he wrote about his wishes, ‘It’s time for me to go, say goodbye!’ Trinamool leaders of Howrah spoke to the MLA on Saturday after this post of his came to the fore. Besides, I don’t want the office of Abhishek Banerjee, the party’s all-India general secretary.” In this context, Minister Firhad Hakim said, “Sameer is an old member. The top leadership will talk and try to solve the problem.”

Regarding Sameer, Arup Roy, the minister and Trinamool leader of Madhya Howrah, said, “Many Trinamool workers were killed in Udayanarayanpur during the CPM period. At that time he bravely stood by the party. Now that distance has been created with the party, I will speak to him.” Howrah District (Rural) Trinamool President Arunabh Sen said, “I don’t know why he posted this. Maybe there is a misunderstanding somewhere. The team will talk to him.”

Trinamool has been under a lot of pressure lately on the issue of corruption. Along with this, the reshuffle within the party is also creating a ‘new’ situation at the grassroots level. His announcement is quite significant in this situation. The Trinamool MLA, a teacher by profession, wrote on Facebook, “I have not left the Trinamool party even today because of the leader. Butafter going through so many storms, witnessing various histories and working for 38 years as a soldier, I feel very incongruous.’

However, the MLA did not reveal that he could not cope with which issue of the party. When contacted over the phone, he said, “I can’t cope with many things now. But there is no personal grudge against anyone.” He further commented, “I have four years left to retire as a teacher. That’s what I want to do.”

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