Santragachhi rail overbridge in Kolkata likely to be shut for 43 days


From November 19 to December 31, the Santragachhi rail overbridge, which serves as a vital link between Kolkata and other areas along the Kona Expressway, may be closed for repairs.A comprehensive diversion strategy has been developed to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. On Wednesday, the Chief Secretary presided over the high-level meeting. HK Doi Vedi. It was attended by senior police officers from Kolkata and Howrah city. One of his earliest proposals is to allow his one-lane traffic from 11:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and 6 am “The exact date when PWD will begin work will be announced shortly. However, we are preparing for a November 19th closure,” said a Howrah city police official.

All trucks from the port area and trucks from Badge Badge, Falta and beyond pass through Andal Road – Arampur and Duragarh only at night.All other trucks leaving the city use Nivedita Setu via CR Avenue or APC Road – Tara Bridge or VIP Road – Airport.

Trucks to State Highway 6 can take Andul Road. However, trucks are not allowed to enter Arampur to reach Andur Road from State Highway 6.According to a Howrah Police investigation, 70,000 vehicles currently use the Kona Expressway and Vidyasagar Setu. Similarly, the Kolkata Police Department estimates that 1,800 out of 6,000 vehicles enter Kolkata over toll bridges each day.

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