Securing 135 Seats on its Own in Karnataka, Here’s What Worked for the Congress This Time


After the results of the Karnataka Assembly Elections, it’s time to analyze what worked for the Congress party. The Caste factor, promises and guarantees and more

Karnataka: The Indian National Congress (INC) securing 135 seats in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 is a huge win for them, electorally and symbolically. It is a massive victory for the opposition in India as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lost its last State government in the southern part of the country. Looking at the Congress party’s victory, it is important to acknowledge some key factors used by them that worked for them and helped them win.

Starting with the impressive campaigning with promises and guarantees to the youth and women. With Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s ‘Gruha Lakshmi’ scheme, which promised a sum of Rs. 2000/ per month to every women-led-households to the ‘free-bus service’ program announced by Rahul Gandhi, women and youth was a major part of their vote bank.

Secondly, the selection of candidates – The party selected and announced its candidates in more than half of the seats, something that was suggested to the party several times but they had not followed in recent times.  

Next, the caste factor – Like the BJP, the Congress party also played the caste factor and used it to its advantage this time. They included the caste census in their party’s manifesto after promising and talking about it in several campaigns.

Lastly, the message on oneness and proper management that worked for them – This is probably the first in recent times when the party coordinated the appearances and campaigning of its leaders and portrayed the message of oneness to the masses, something it failed to do earlier. This time, they managed to divide their members into different zones and divide their work.

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