SHOISHOB – A Foundation for Children


The journey of our organization “SHOISHOB-A FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN” was started on 11th August 2021. The main objective of the organization is to reach the last person of the society and help them to live with dignity & respect.

Kolkata: The main focus area of the foundation is to reach the underprivileged children and endeavors towards women empowerment. SHOISHOB is working on the focus areas and in the verge of expansion of their operational area. Presently, there are more than 200 children are being taken care of and they are on a mission to bring an improvement in the quality of life for these most underprivileged children, ensuring their basic rights, enhancing their educational and cultural skills so that they can dream big and become responsible citizens of the country.

The foundation is also working for the benefits of their families, especially the mothers through their women empowerment segment, to help them to support their families and be able to participate in the decision-making of the family.

The main activities under these projects are:

  1. Education by experienced teachers.
  2. Cultural activities (Art & craft class, Dance class etc.)
  3. Computer class for Underprivileged Children.
  4. Providing Nutritious and Hygienic Meal.
  5. Seasonal clothing support.
  6. Medical support for the children falls into sickness sometimes.
  7. Monthly Hygiene kit support to underprivileged women.
  8. Education & Tailoring classes for women.

Although, SHOISHOB-A Foundation for Children is a newly established trust, however, the impact in the society within a year is remarkable.

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