Space Station China plans to send monkeys into space, this decision is to test reproductive capacity


Not humans, this time China decided to send monkeys into space. It has been decided to send a monkey to China’s Tiangong Space Station, according to news agency sources. The scientists said that they came to this conclusion to observe whether there is any change in the reproductive capacity of monkeys in the space environment.Does the absence of gravity cause any changes in the reproductive system? Chinese scientists have been thinking about that question for a long time. Finally, they decided to send some monkeys to the Chinese space station for experimental observation.

A report has also been published on what should be observed, how the pilot study will be conducted. The report suggests that apes may face a variety of problems adapting to a zero-gravity environment. They are also prone to depression.

But in this new environment, how they are motivated to have physical intercourse, we have to keep an eye on the dynamics. Even, their feeding and defecation patterns need to be monitored.Incidentally, there are currently three astronauts on the Tiangong Space Station. They reached the space station in June this year. They will return to earth before the end of the year.

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