Speeding bus kills 2 pedestrians, 1 severely injured


Two pedestrians died after being hit by a bus on Howrah Bridge. According to sources, the bus lost control at high speed and crushed three pedestrians under the wheels. The tragic accident happened on Monday afternoon. Two pedestrians died on the spot. Another pedestrian was seriously injured in the incident. The police have intercepted the killer bus. According to sources, the bus was coming to Howrah from Kolkata. The 28 route bus lost control and crushed three pedestrians near the first pillar of Howrah Bridge. According to the police sources, the bus of route number 28 was going from Sealdah station to Howrah station on Monday afternoon. There were passengers in the bus at that time. While crossing the bridge and entering Howrah station, the bus suddenly lost control and crushed pedestrians and hawkers in the area. Three people were rescued and taken to Howrah District Hospital with serious injuries. But there are doctorsTwo people were declared dead. According to hospital sources, one person has been admitted to the hospital and is being treated. The incident spread panic in the area. Due to the accident, the vehicle stopped temporarily. Due to this incident severe traffic jam was also created on the bridge. The police reached the spot after receiving the information about the accident. The bus has been seized and the driver of the killer bus has also been arrested. The family members of the injured and deceased have been informed. According to Howrah City Police sources, the bodies of the deceased will be handed over to the families after the post-mortem. Due to the death of two pedestrians, there was a massive traffic jam on the Howrah Bridge.The complaint of the eyewitnesses of the accident is that clearly this bus of route number 28 was speeding towards Howrah station. A section of pedestrians alleged that the accident occurred not because of any loss of control but because of competition with other buses. They blamed the bus driver of route 28 for this accident. However, the police have already started investigating the incident. According to police sources, the footage of the CCTV camera present on the bridge will be checked and the whole matter will be investigated. Howrah City Police and Golabari Traffic Guard have already started the investigation. According to sources, the owner of the killer bus has also been summoned.

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