SSC applicants faint, arrested by police


A chaotic situation arose surrounding the protest of upper primary job aspirants in front of Sealdah Dental College. Job seekers clashed with the police. The continuous protest continued from 12:30 pm on Saturday. The job seekers started protesting by sitting on the streets. When the police tried to pick them up from the road, a scuffle started with the police. The police personnel practically dragged the job seekers from the road.

At this time, the police has to speed up as there are more female job seekers. There were four women policemen with a handful of civics. As a result, women job seekers sit on the streets for a long time. The clashes between the police and the protestors continued until about half past two. Three people fell ill. One male and two female job seekers Anima Hawley and Shobha Kayal fell ill. Protesters lay on the streets. They were dragged in police vans and buses.

A large police force from Entali police station finally arrived and arrested the protestors by bus. According to sources, these protestors were supposed to protest at Kalighat. But some people were detained from Sealdah station before leaving. After that the protestors sat on the road in front of the dental college. Protesters have a lot of trouble with the police.

massive traffic jams were created in the Sealdah area. The police then brought the situation under control. But after a while the protest started again. Some people from Nadia district of Upper Primary protested again. A handful of people came down the streets and started protesting on the side of the Sealda Youth Centre leading to more arrests. The main demand of deprived upper primary job aspirants is to update all the vacancies of 8 years, 15 days before the interview and appoint them in upper primary

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